Your 2021-2022 officers

Interested in being an officer? Talk to us at a meeting or email us and tell us how you want to help improve CHAOS. We would love to have you join the team.

Before emailing an officer, please check the FAQ page on this website. 

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Devils Postpile (3)


Co-President + DeCal Instructor

  • Favorite trip: John Muir Trail (Northbound!)
  • Favorite trail food: Nutritional Yeast
  • Likes: Backpacking, bouldering, and hiking
  • Contact:

Lexi Caruthers

Co-President + DeCal Instructor

  • Favorite trip: John Muir Trail (Southbound!)
  • Favorite trail food: Apples + chocolate chips
  • Likes: Tree climbing, long jaunts, acoustic guitar, sleeping under the stars, sunrises


Head Gear Officer

  • Favorite trip: Mt. Shasta
  • Favorite trail food: Subway Sandwiches
  • Likes: Skiing, Hiking, and Windsurfing
  • Contact:

Ian Wang

Head Trips + DeCal Instructor

  • Favorite trip: Turtle River Park (Canada)
  • Favorite trail food: Onion & garlic almonds, GORP + M&Ms
  • Likes: Backpacking, skateboarding, climbing, jazz
  • Contact:


Membership + DeCal Instructor

  • Favorite trip: Fairyland Loop, Bryce Canyon
  • Favorite trail food: Walnuts and pretzels
  • Likes: Hiking, cliff jumping, creating & exploring


Ambassador Of Fun

  • Favorite trip: Indian Heaven Wilderness
  • Favorite trail food: Summer sausage n pinot
  • Likes: Backpacking, singing (badly), merrymaking

Floyd Mccluhan

Trip Leader

  • Favorite trip: Anything in the high sierras
  • Favorite trail food: Cliff Bars
  • Likes: Alpinism, rock climbing, ultra-running, slacklining, and long walks on the beach
  • Contact:

Lauren Holland

Trip Leader + DeCal Instructor

  • Favorite trip: Garden of the Gods
  • Favorite trail food: Popcorn and oranges
  • Likes: Hiking, camping, climbing, exploring, hugs
  • Contact:

Hugues Vigner

Trip Leader

  • Favorite trip: Off trail wandering in Wrangell St Elias in Alaska
  • Favorite trail food: Marshmallow hot chocolate
  • Likes: Mountains, glaciers, hiking, climbing
  • Contact:
Fischer photo (2)

Fischer heimburger

DeCal Instructor + Trip Leader

  • Favorite trip: Sunset at Panamint Dunes
  • Favorite trail food: Carrots n/ Peanut Butter
  • Likes: Field frolicking, sleeping under the stars, rock-climbing, the color orange
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