I. Name

The name shall be Cal Hiking and Outdoor Society, herein referred to as CHAOS.

II. Purposes

To facilitate interaction among people interested in recreational uses of wilderness and open space which have minimal human impact on the environment, including hiking, backpacking, mountaineering, bicycling, climbing, mountain biking, skiing, and canoeing.

To provide educational and recreational presentations on the outdoor activities listed above.

To provide books, maps, equipment and advice for members planning to engage in the activities listed above.

To promote safety awareness in members who participate in outdoor activities.

III. Executive Board

The Presiding Officer shall be elected at the beginning of each fall semester of the academic year or as necessary to fill vacancies. The Presiding Officer may be elected by a simple majority of active members present at a general meeting. Term of office is one year in all cases.

The Presiding Officer is the primary ASUC signatory. The Presiding Officer may appoint additional signatories as necessary.

A three-quarters majority vote among active members at a general meeting may appoint a Committee consisting of up to seven members. The Presiding Officer may appoint a Committee member to take on the roles of Secretary, Social secretary, Treasurer, or Gear Officer (as defined below) if a vacancy arises between general meetings.

The Presiding Officer is a voting member of the Committee.

The Committee will include members whose primary role is as

This committee member shall be responsible for compiling weekly announcements for dispersal to members, keeping minutes at all general meetings, and for notifying members of all general meetings at least 14 days in advance as described below.
Social secretary
This committee member shall be responsible for organizing social meetings, including arranging the location of meetings and advertising for the meetings.
This committee member shall be responsible for CHAOS monetary funds, including determining the yearly budget, submitting a yearly funding proposal to ASUC, submitting a yearly budget to ASUC, approving all CHAOS expenditures, depositing all CHAOS funds in ASUC approved accounts, and keeping accurate records of the above tasks.
Gear officer
This committee member shall be responsible for lending out CHAOS equipment, books, and maps to members, for maintaining CHAOS equipment, books, and maps in good order, and for purchasing new equipment, books, and maps.
Two members at large
These committee members represent the opinion of the general club membership on the Committee.

In the event that insufficient Committee members are appointed the Presiding Officer shall decide how to divide the aforementioned tasks among the remaining Committee members and may perform some of the tasks.

IV. General Meetings

General meetings can be called by the membership and / or the Committee and must be held at least once per semester.

Meetings may be called without Committee approval by petition of 15% of the general membership.

Members must be notified of all general meetings at least 14 days in advance. General meetings must be held at a campus location. Sending an e-mail message to the CHAOS list-serve and posting an announcement on the CHAOS webpage which includes the time, date, and location of the meeting is adequate notification.

V. Committees and Subsections

Any member may organize a committee or subsection not inconsistent with the purposes of the club, subject to approval by the Presiding Officer or the Committee.

VI. Membership

Active membership is open to University of California at Berkeley students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Others may join as associate members, who may not vote or hold office.

Club dues will be decided by the Committee.

Members of CHAOS shall be chosen and accepted without discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, ability, sex, or sexual orientation.

Members of CHAOS shall not at any time engage in hazing as defined by the California Administrative Code.

VII. Amendments

This document may be amended by a majority vote of the members present and voting at a general meeting or by a majority vote of the members of the Committee. Additional articles and amendments may be included if they are in concurrence with the University of California and A.S.U.C. regulations and policies.

VIII. Dissolution

In the event of CHAOS being dissolved, all A.S.U.C. funds will be returned to the body of the A.S.U.C. After meeting all fiscal liabilities, all privately obtained funds must be transferred to a non-profit organization.

Constitution written 29 May 2001