How to Join

Membership in CHAOS allows you to...

  • Borrow gear, books, and maps from the Gear Shed
  • Subscribe to our email list
  • Organize and attend funtastic trips!

If you are able, we ask that you pay a one-time, $15 membership fee. If the financial burden of paying a membership fee would prevent you from joining, fill out the fee waiver form below. The outdoors are for everyone! 

You can leave CHAOS at anytime you want, or stay for the rest of your life. You can sign up at any time of the year!

Here's how to join:

STEP 1: Pay $15 or fill out the fee waiver form

So you should do one of the following three things:
  • Pay $15 electronically using our Eventbrite at this link.  OR
  • Pay $15 in cash to an officer. You can find the times and locations of our meetings and Gear Hours on our Calendar.  OR
  • Fill out this fee waiver form

Step 2: Fill Out Our Sign Up Form

Fill out this sign up form

Step 3: Wait a Few Days and check your email

We have to add everyone manually to our CHAOS email listserv. Within a few days of signing up, you should start to see CHAOS emails with info about upcoming events. 

Even before you’re added to the listserv, feel free to show up to a CHAOS meeting to meet some other rad CHAOTs! 

Want to learn more before joining?

Join our discord community to ask questions, get hiking buddies, and stay informed.

Every Wednesday we meet at 7:30pm. Location varies week to week and is posted on our website home page, on our discord, on our email listserv (members only), and on our Instagram (@berkeleychaos). Attending weekly meetings is a great way to hang out with CHAOS members, eat good food, and talk about the outdoors.

Talk to an officer to join!

If you can’t make it to the weekly meetings you can join at a Gear Shed hour. Check the calendar to find a time that works for you!